Midnight Thoughts

Timecheck: it’s 3:58am

..And I’ve been awake since 2.

We don’t usually wake up in the middle of the night but tonight’s just not my lucky night. For some reason, Jhia wants to stay latched and won’t let me put her down on bed.

Sometimes, it’s hard being a hands on mom. The little kid is used to me and me only, taking care of her. She doesn’t like staying with other people may it be her dad or the grannies. She would only play with them for a while but will soon look for me. At night, I am the only one on duty because the husband takes his rest from a day of work. It is in times like this that I often feel alone and tired and thoughts would fill my mind.

They say it’s because she’s breastfed. Breastfeeding has always been my choice. I know both me and my daughter benefits a lot from it. But You know sometimes I seem to be thinking of switching to formula milk just so I can do things other than nurse her. Of course, I won’t and will never for as long as my mammary gland can produce milk.

What’s your thoughts on this fellow moms?

Timecheck: 4:10am and the little kid is finally asleep so it’s time for me to close my eyes again.

Goodnight again.


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