Little Kid’s Birthday Prep


Unlock the frustrated events planner in me. Whew!

It’s Jhia’s first birthday in less than two months and the busy mom have started searching and gathering ideas on how her special day would be. Sharing with you, here are some of the final details so far:

Theme: Jhia ONEderful year
I decided not to go with the usual character theme just yet. I just thought she’s too young for that and still couldn’t understand such things (hehe) so, it will be all about her first year – toys, baby stuffs, dresses, etc. and will be a combination of Princess, Barney, Minnie Mouse and kiddie girly stuffs. The venue set up will be like a playroom where her toys will be.

Caterer: Ramelyn’s Caterning Services
One of my most trusted suppliers. Ika nga, subok na. They’ve served during mama and papa’s 50th anniversary and a friend’s wedding. Their food is delicious and the service is high quality at a reasonable price. I guess I’ve build friendship with their staff, too. Hehe. You may contact them here.

Cake Supplier: Crown Royale Cakes
Loyal customer here! Hehe. Well, their creations are really amazing. The cake tastes really good and the designs are absolutely the best! You may check Meann’s profile for their creations.

So far, eto pa lang yung sure about Jhia’s birthday. We’re still working on other stuffs and yet to decide for the venue. By the way, I have a long list of venues along Valenzuela and QC area I will share with you on my next entry.

Do you have suggestions on venue and other stuffs about the party, or questions, maybe? Feel free to comment. Pictures will be posted after the event, of course. Hehe.


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