My Day

Today, I finally had the courage to buy something – few things, actually – for myself.

Since the little kid came, all that I buy is always something for her. Not to spoil her or something, but shopping for her every once in a while has become my stress reliever. Yeps, made me feel guilty sometimes, though. Being a mom is an overwhelming feeling that I almost forgot myself.

So hashtag TodayIsMyDay. Thanks to my ever supportive husband and my ever beloved daughter, I finally got a few items for myself! Thanks to the 50% off and hubby’s ‘sayang yun o. Di na magsesale ulit’. Hehe.

Being a stay at home mom, my focus is always with Jhia. My priority is to be able to provide her needs. But that is not a reason to forget about myself. With Jhia getting over with infancy, it’s about time I get back to myself.



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